Multiple Categories of Recognition

Recognizing that good ideas come from everywhere, the Open Government Awards seek to showcase a diverse group of initiatives from around the world. Our judges understand that the boldness of each initiative should be assessed relative to the conditions in each country, and that each country will have unique experiences to share given the challenges they face. With this in mind, in 2015, OGP will honor three overall WINNERS, four REGIONAL CHAMPIONS and one country in a SPECIAL RECOGNITION category.

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Judges' scores will be aggregated to produce an absolute rank order of countries in the top 3. These countries will be recognized as the overall winners of the competition.


Regional Champions

Four OGP countries will be honored as 'regional champions' - one from each of OGP's four regions. In case of overlaps in countries who may be in the top 3 and also the highest scorer in their region, we will choose the 2nd highest scorer for the regional champion.


Special Recognition

In the trait-scoring rubric that is used by judges, one of the traits will ask whether the application was able to make a compelling case as to how the initiative benefitted vulnerable populations. The initiative that is nominated the highest number of times will be chosen for special recognition. Even if this initiative appears in the "winners" or "regional champions" category, it will be doubly acknowledged for advancing inclusive development.